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Getting Started With Gymnastics Equipment


Gymnastics is a fantastic sport for children of all ages to help develop coordination, strength, dexterity and flexibility. 


To get the most out of gymnastics training, it’s necessary to include equipment like balance beams, mats and bars.  This guide will help determine how to match equipment to the appropriate activities and age groups.  Making the right selection is essential to providing a safe and rewarding experience for children in a class or home setting.


gymnastics mat

Gymnastics Mats

Because kids will often start gymnastics as their first sport, at quite young ages, safety is an essential part of any gymnastics activity.  The proper mat selection will go a long way in preventing injury and offering a comfortable landing zone for tumbling and jumping. 


Tumbling Mats

Probably the most common mat for gymnastics, great for rolls and jumps.  Most are filled with 2 inches of foam and can come as panels that can be joined together as needed.


Landing Mats

8-12 inches thick for serious protection from vaults and higher jumps.  Suitable for competitions or training in a school environment.


Floor Exercise Mats

Large sheets of non-slip carpeted foam for floor routines.  Depending on gym size, multiple sheets can be combined to build to your needs.





Skill Development Equipmentkids balance beam

Great tools are available for future gymnasts to develop their balancing and tumbling abilities.  Generally for kids ages 3 and up, this training equipment helps build fundamentals with minimal risk of injury.  For example, the Foam Create-A-Beams sit only 2.5” off the ground, but can be configured nearly infinite ways to provide new challenges as children develop.


Balance Beams

For more experienced female gymnasts (usually ages 5 and up) under careful supervision, the balance beam is a staple of Olympic competition.  Beam routines combine essential gymnastics skills like balance, dance, leaping and acrobatics; all while 48” from the ground. 


We offer a range of beams for different skill levels, including our Reflex Adjustable Beam that meets all major competition standards.