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Plate Loaded Neck Machine

Plate Loaded Neck Machine

Product Review (submitted on November 12, 2013):

Waited a week for this piece of equipment. When it arrived I was told one of the four boxes was missing. This company said it was the seat that was missing based on the tracking number, which was odd because the seat was among one of the boxes that arrived. When the delivery guy moved the box end over end up to my porch, I heard metal banging on metal within the larger box. Not a good sound to hear. The driver left while I was opening the box. I was greatly disappointed to find nothing within the large box was secure during transport. The neck machine had been clobbering itself all through transport. Chipped and scraped off paint, holes all over the box punched from the inside out. Open boxes within the larger box. Who knows what's missing at this point. Let's see how long I have to wait to receive a replacement machine and how long that's going to take. Will update later . . .